Duncan and Dougie
jazz guitar duo
Duncan and Dougie have been friends through music since their teens, and although more than just a few years passed without their playing together, the chemistry of the old friendship remains the driving force behind this guitar duo.

Their lively and varied set features their own unique arrangements of classics from Hot Club to Be-bop, Blues to Swing, occasionally daring to transform 'big band' pieces to arrangements for their two guitars.

Each performance is not only a journey through the history of Jazz and popular music, but also a tribute to the great musicians such as Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery, Charlie Parker and John Coltrane, with a more than respectful nod to BB King.

Over the past few years, besides providing entertainment for corporate clients and functions, they have become known on the Jazz Festival circuit, working not only in Glasgow, where they have played the West End Festival and Glasgow Jazz Festival for several consecutive years, but as far afield as Kirkcudbright, Lincolnshire, Birmingham, Preston, Haddington, Largs, Swindon.